Rider Info

Race Village Accommodation

Accommodation is excluded from the entry fees. To book for self camping accommodation at the race village book via email - info@darlinghillsmtb.co.za.

The Darling Hills MTB Race Village is perfect for you! If you choose Self Camping you will be camping in the race village just outside where all the hype is happening.


There is a designated area if you wish to bring your own tent or camper van. Please note there is no electricity and limited space available. Book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

R600 per camping spot for the entire stay (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Camping spot for up to 4 people only:

  • Camping spots will be available from 30 August 2019 08:00 am
  • Ablution facilities available (No Electricity)
  • Limited camping spots available (Plot Size 10m x 10m)

Meals Include -

Friday Dinner                   

Chicken piece (leg quarter), boerewors, potato salad, pasta salad, Garlic Loaf or roosterkoek with jam and cheese.

Saturday Lunch

Chicken curry potjie, beef potjie served with rice and freshly baked bread.

Sunday Lunch

Homemade steak pie, roast chicken with mushroom sauce, sweet potato, rice and veggies.


Please remember to book your additional meals for non-riders and children via Entry Ninja with team or rider registration. No bookings for meals will be accepted at the race village.

  • Non Riders - R150 per meal (3 meals- R450)
  • Children under the age of 12 - R75.00 per meal (3 meals R225)

Non-Riders - No free glass of wine per meal (Riders Only)

Vegetarian and Halaal options are available on request only.

Other - Alcoholic and soft drinks will be on sale at the bar.

Rider Checklist (What to bring)

We recommend that you bring no (or as few as possible) valuables to the race. We cannot take responsibility for valuables lost during the course of the event.


  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Towel
  • Torch / headlight
  • Personal toiletries
  • Beanie and scarf & gloves for evenings
  • Warm long pants
  • Casual clothes for after shower
  • Slops
  • Earplugs
  • Cell Phones: (in Ziploc)
    Please have a current I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) content on your phone, taking into account where you will be.


Pre-race Preparation:
It should go without saying that your bike should be in perfect working order at the start of the Darling Hills MTB. It will be subjected to severe riding conditions and we recommend that you replace any old parts that may not survive the distance. Select tyres that are suitable for harsh conditions. The use of tubeless tyres is highly recommended. Check your slime levels and top up slime. Cycle Teknix bike shop will provide repairs and servicing in the race village. We anticipate a high demand for their services, so draw on them only when absolutely necessary. Replacement parts will be sold at normal retail prices.

Equipment checklist:

  •  Helmet
  • 3 sets of cycling shorts and tops
  • Windbreaker
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • 3 sets of cycling socks
  • Cycling shoes
  • Hydration pack with space for spares – a capacity of 3 litres.
  • GPS /Heart rate monitor, bike computer (optional) + Chargers
  • Slime/Stan’s, bomb and adaptor, plugs etc,
  • Gators, pump • Brake pads, drop out, chain, links, pins, BB
  • Freewheel
  • Cable ties, duct tape
  • Lube (squirt)
  • Favourite energy bars, gels and snacks

First Aid Kit:

  • Foil survival blanket
  • Three first aid dressings
  • Five adhesive first aid plasters
  • Sunblock
  • Pain killers – NOT available in the Medical Tent.

Bike Maintenance Service Packages

A-Package – R 750.00

  • Includes full service at either our stores prior to the events,
  • Bike receives a Mini Service as standard after stage one and stage two.
  • Parts are excluded

B-Package – R 550.00

  • Same as per above. Excluded major service prior to event at shop.

Tel: 021 556 8207

Email: tableview@cycleteknix.co.za

EPT Recovery Massage Packages

Follow Link - http://bit.ly/DarlingHillsMTB2019
Email: info@eptrecovery.com
Francois Retief: (082) 456 0221
Russell Looms: (082) 829 6074